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Derpy Furcadia moments

Derpy waves a hood to Big McIntosh, “Hi Big Mac!”
You say, “hoof, even… “
Glacial Mist: hood…lol
BloodStar: …Yeh man raise yo hood
You say, “DON’T LAUGH AT ME.”
Glacial Mist: Laughing with ya.
Derpy whacks Glacial and Bloodstar with her bag of muffins.
You say, “at least you’ve made this bag useful.”
Glacial Mist dies.
Derpy stuffs her face inside the bag.


Ain’t this a cute lil furpile? x3

I am the giant yellow werewolf :D


Ain’t this a cute lil furpile? x3

I am the giant yellow werewolf :D

I love you, so can I give you kisses? <3

Always! <3

what did mignogna ever do to you

uhh.. what?

what happened now with victoria and tim?

Eh, what?

Tom the creep

[4:06:33 PM] Sarina: You’re being blamed for a bunch of shit, may want to check Vic’s tweets
[7:58:36 PM] Tom: jesus christ why can’t they just stop already -__-
[8:16:45 PM] Sarina: Is it true?
[8:20:59 PM] Tom: I did not upload anything, I have nothing to do with that tumblr post and I had no idea. If someone posted it then it was fucking Alex or Ryan, or even Vic.
[8:23:16 PM] Sarina: apparently you sent the pics to Alex.
[8:29:18 PM] Sarina: answer me
[8:33:23 PM] Tom: back in may.. when the shit happened.. Vic asked me to force me to send those pics that Oliver had to him.. at this time I was still mad at you.. But I deleted everything after the drama was over because I want nothing to do with anymore because I’m over with it. Do you think I wanted all this? I’m fucking furious right now and want to kill Alex and Vic….. seriously… I can’t take it anymore……………
[8:35:14 PM] Sarina: You still had the fucking pictures?
[8:35:19 PM] Sarina: What the fuck is wrong with you.
[8:35:25 PM] Tom: I DELETED THEM
[8:35:32 PM] Sarina: I don’t give a fuck. you lied to Dave about it
[8:35:37 PM] Sarina: you still sent them you stupid shit.
[8:36:10 PM] Sarina: The fact that you had them for that long is disgusting
[8:36:29 PM] Sarina: I could SUE you.
[8:37:25 PM] Tom: I wish Oliver never sent me them….
[8:37:37 PM] Sarina: Doesn’t fucking matter. you still had them all this time.
[8:37:54 PM] Sarina: you had them for 4 fucking years you disgusting, creepy shit.
[8:38:20 PM] Tom: i didnt even know I still had them …
[8:38:33 PM] Sarina: But you just magically found them one day when Vic needed them
[8:38:39 PM] Sarina: You’re a disgusting, creepy shit.
[8:38:58 PM] Tom: kill me..
[8:39:02 PM] Sarina: I’m going to file a claim to have a restraining order on you and have you restricted from ever coming to Canada ever again
[8:40:44 PM] Tom: Alex was going to post them on a forum in may, I reported the thread to the administrator and he got banned. I DID NOT FUCKING WANT THAT IT GOT POSTED PUBLICALLY…
[8:41:22 PM] Tom: And you know how mad i’m about it???
[8:41:35 PM] Sarina: I don’t give a fuck how you feel about it. HOW ABOUT HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT.
[8:41:47 PM] Tom: I KNOW YOU FEEL….
[8:41:56 PM | Edited 8:42:03 PM] Tom: and thats why I’m so mad at them
[8:42:43 PM] Sarina: No, you obviously don’t If you actually understood you would have told me LONG before ALL of this. You waited until now, almost a year after you sent them to tell me? Like what kind of bullshit is that? You don’t do that to someone. EVER.
[8:44:34 PM] Tom: I KNOW. I… better have told you the day after we started talking agait but.. I didn’t want you to feel like crap.. I hoped they would never post them again.. but then it happened… I feel like crap because it is all out now…….
[8:45:11 PM] Sarina: and they are going to CONTINUE to post them. They aren’t going to stop because you let them start.
[8:46:35 PM] Tom: Alex had all the other pictures too that weren’t from Oliver.. so if I wouldn’t have sent them to him he did it anyway..
[8:47:03 PM] Tom: like that one pic that vic posted on the twitter page
[8:47:10 PM] Sarina: but you sent them to Victoria. Which is what started all of this
[8:47:11 PM] Tom: or ryan on ask
[8:47:19 PM] Tom: I sent nothing to vic
[8:47:46 PM] Tom: alex already had a bunch…
[8:48:12 PM] Tom: But I know EXACTLY
[8:48:21 PM] Tom: that vic got some from Oliver too….
[8:48:50 PM] Tom: back in 2011, I think he sent her some of the webcam shots…
[8:49:09 PM] Tom: then she went against you
[8:51:30 PM] Sarina: To be honest, what you did is disgraceful. I can’t even consider you a friend anymore or even want to know you exist. You can’t just send someone’s nudes to anyone. If you ever get nudes, you shouldn’t just send them to anyone, you have no idea whose life you’re affecting. It was extremely selfish of you to do something like that and I honestly can’t believe you even lied to me when I asked you the other day if you had nudes of Sarina. Like, what the fuck Tom. I can’t believe you would betray Sarina like this.
[8:54:20 PM] Tom: I did not want all this.. I deleted them because I want nothing to do with it anymore. I’m over with it.. And I feel like shit right now that vic manipulated me to the point to do this….. I seriously could kill both of them now….
[8:54:34 PM] Sarina: You didn’t want it but you sent them
[8:54:42 PM] Sarina: Like what kind of logic is that?
[8:55:20 PM] Tom: because I was angry at the time…. I regretted it after it was over…
[8:55:55 PM] Sarina: You’re a fucking desperate 27 year old virgin, that’s why you did it. You didn’t regret doing it at the time, that just proves you don’t care about anyone but yourself.
[8:56:00 PM] Tom: like… this month was so bad.. A lot of shit was going on.. And this is not the only thing I regretted
[8:56:31 PM] Sarina: I don’t care what you regret. You can’t just regret something and everything will be okay. Do you not understand that?
[8:56:54 PM] Tom: I do understend……………
[8:56:55 PM] Tom: a
[8:58:25 PM] Sarina: I don’t care what Vic did, I don’t care what Oliver did, you keep trying to point out the bad things we already knew about, just to act like you didn’t do wrong. But you did do wrong. You keep trying to throw them under the bus and act like what you did was anything less than what they did.
[8:58:56 PM] Sarina: You’re suppose to be Sarina’s friend. You don’t have nudes of a friend on your computer. That’s fucking creepy and disgusting.
[8:59:38 PM] Tom: like I said, I don’t have them anymore..
[8:59:48 PM] Tom: because I’m over with this…
[9:00:32 PM] Sarina: I’m sure you are, because you fucked up someone’s life
[9:00:38 PM] Tom: I came here for a vacation.. to have fun.. then vic and her fucking retards ruined everything.. and not only this… also our friendship.. that is what she wanted….
[9:00:39 PM] Sarina: because you’re selfish
[9:00:43 PM] Sarina: you don’t care
[9:00:49 PM] Tom: I DO CARE
[9:01:29 PM] Tom: I admit I didnt care in may when the shit happened.. but NOW I DO CARE because we were friends again.
[9:01:47 PM] Sarina: Then you would have fucking said something, not waited this entire time.
[9:01:58 PM] Tom: I KNOW
[9:02:03 PM] Sarina: No, you don’t
[9:02:22 PM | Edited 9:02:42 PM] Tom: but would would you have done if I have told you earlier?
[9:02:28 PM] Tom: *what
[9:03:44 PM] Sarina: I wouldn’t have been your friend. You can’t just be friends with someone who’s going to backstab you. Like wtf. It’s worse that you told me now because THIS WHOLE TIME YOU’VE BEEN LYING TO ME. You even lied to my boyfriend!
[9:04:23 PM] Tom: I did not lied when I said that I don’t have them because I deleted them..
[9:05:02 PM] Tom: but exactly.. when I told you earlier.. you would have blocked me anyway and you wanted nothing to do with me anymore…
[9:05:34 PM] Tom: thats why I just wanted to forget the shit and get over with it..
[9:05:39 PM] Tom: but know I know
[9:05:50 PM] Tom: you can’t trust ANYBODY. I can’t trust anybody
[9:06:49 PM] Tom: I just wanted to stay out of the drama all the time..
[9:06:57 PM] Tom: but people kept involving me
[9:07:17 PM] Tom: vic kept involving me. I just can’t take it anymore…
[9:07:23 PM] Sarina: You just wanted to stay out of the drama, but you continued to bring up Vic. You kept talking about how Oliver was the one to send them to Vic.
[9:07:40 PM] Sarina: Every skype call you would say something about Vic
[9:08:06 PM] Tom: not every..
[9:08:08 PM] Sarina: You didn’t want to stay out of the drama, you wanted it to keep going
[9:08:15 PM] Tom: no.
[9:08:25 PM] Tom: why do you think i didn’t wrote much about her on twitter?
[9:08:47 PM] Sarina: because you want someone to go back to if I ever found out about the shit you pulled.
[9:09:02 PM] Tom: go back to her? LOL no.
[9:09:26 PM] Sarina: Do you seriously think this is funny?
[9:09:53 PM] Tom: no.. but I’m not going back to her after all the shit she did
[9:11:42 PM] Sarina: Yeah, you really think we will believe that. Quit trying to avoid the fact that you’re at fault
[9:11:46 PM] Tom: And Alex was protecting her all the time.. that’s why he posted the pictures.
[9:11:48 PM] Sarina: you were the start of all these problems
[9:12:22 PM] Sarina: Who gives a fuck about Alex right now
[9:12:22 PM] Tom: do you know that alex had more pics than I actually had? -_-
[9:12:25 PM] Sarina: YOU STARTED THIS
[9:12:34 PM] Sarina: Who gives a fuck abou Alex right now
[9:12:39 PM] Sarina: you fucking started this you retarded shit
[9:12:46 PM] Sarina: WHO CARES
[9:12:49 PM] Sarina: YOU SENT THEM TO HIM
[9:12:56 PM] Sarina: Get it through your fucking retarded head.
[9:13:05 PM] Tom: He already had pics that I NEVER HAD
[9:13:12 PM] Sarina: WHO CARES ABOUT ALEX
[9:13:28 PM] Tom: and If I wouldn’t have sent them to him he would do it anyway with the pics he already had!
[9:13:33 PM] Sarina: Who cares?
[9:13:38 PM] Tom: you should care
[9:13:40 PM] Sarina: You still sent them to him regardless
[9:13:42 PM] Tom: and me
[9:13:54 PM] Sarina: You don’t care. if you cared, you wouldn’t be the fucking retard you are today.
[9:14:22 PM] Sarina: YOu’re a 27 year old loser who lives with mommy and daddy and strives for mommy and daddy to take care of him because you’re too lazy to do your own fucking shit. you’re a disgusting, filthy, retarded loser.
[9:14:44 PM] Sarina: YOu act like you’re 13 years old.
[9:15:32 PM] Sarina: You SENT pictures to fucking ALEX
[9:16:03 PM] Tom: which ADDED SHIT I KNOW. but he would have done it anyway if I wouldn’t have sent them to him
[9:16:07 PM] Sarina: If you say anything about anyone but yourself i’m blocking you
[9:16:23 PM] Sarina: okay. bye. I’m going to make sure everyone knows what you did to me yet again.
[9:17:00 PM] Sarina: you’re fucking retarded, you’re ugly, you’re stupid. Maybe you should just kill yourself. You’re a useless piece of shit.
[9:17:07 PM] *** Sarina blocked Tom ***

The pathological liar named Vic

Here, Vic claims to not self-harm: ————- in this screenshot, it says that she is 5 days clean from self-harm. Look who the real liar is!

I love how Vic bashes me for something I don&#8217;t have. She claimed that I am living off welfare or some shit and yet, look what SHE&#8217;S doing. LOL! living off WIC. (#WhalesInCare).

I love how Vic bashes me for something I don’t have. She claimed that I am living off welfare or some shit and yet, look what SHE’S doing. LOL! living off WIC. (#WhalesInCare).


If Vic wasn’t jealous then why does she try to keep people from talking to me. Oh wait, I know… BECAUSE SHE’S JEALOUS!



Session Start: June 11, 2011

  • Rina (
  • ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I’m squidtastic! (

(3:48 PM) Rina:Did Bruce tell you that he wanted to be my friend? :/

(3:49 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Did I ever tell you to fuck off? You controlling little bitch .. :)

(3:50 PM) Rina:oh yeah i’m totally controlling. and funny you call me immature when Oliver’s the 24 year old immature idiot :P

(3:50 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Haha, at least he never cheated on his lover. (3:50 PM) Rina:I never cheated on Michael n__n

(3:50 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Sure thing.

(3:51 PM) Rina:Yeah. Now answer my question

(3:51 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Fuck. Off :)

(3:51 PM) Rina:How about No.

(3:51 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:In this situation you owe me. (3:51 PM) Rina:What do I owe you? LOL

(3:51 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Because without me,\
Oliver would of kept going.
And your shit would of never end.

(3:51 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:But he’s the grown up one.

(3:51 PM)Rina:Sooo?

(3:51 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:At least he’s not addicted to drama.

(3:51 PM) Rina:I’m not the one posting naked pics of him online :P

(3:52 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:You’re just lucky it was censored.

(3:52 PM) Rina:says the one getting involved with our drama

(3:52 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:And it’s what you get for sending it to them.
I’m just standing up for what’s right.

(3:52 PM) Rina:Oh well. I already got Oliver involved with Police + Court

(3:52 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Hahahahaha.
As if.
He lives across the world.

(3:53 PM) Rina:Yeah so? I can still sue him for defamation :)(3:53 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Dude
You have no job.
And not even welfare.

(3:53 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:How can you afford a lawer.

(3:53 PM) Rina:yeah, i’m in school, and I get disability Xd

(3:53 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:And he has the money.

(3:53 PM) Rina:Disability pays for my lawter

(3:53 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:He can sue you too.

(3:53 PM) Rina:oh yeah? for what?

(3:54 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Defamation. (3:54 PM) Rina:LAWWWWLLLZZZZZ

(3:54 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Except he has the money.
The chat logs.
The journals the videos you post about him.

(3:54 PM) Rina:Oh I have screenshots of the journal. as well

(3:54 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:He kept archives of every little thing.

(3:54 PM) Rina:and he didn’t delete my pics (3:54 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Bye Rina.
Go fuck up someone else’s life.

(3:54 PM) Rina:I don’t need you anyway XD I have Michael and TOm :P

(3:54 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Hahaha.

(3:55 PM) Rina:quality is better then quantity so I personally don’t give a shit

(3:55 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:LAAAAWL
Tom who?

(3:55 PM) Rina:Tom, German Tom

(3:55 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Lol

(3:56 PM) Rina:I’m on Skype with him right now.

(3:56 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:He’s siding with Oliver

(3:56 PM) Rina:No he’s not. LOL
he said he isn’t talking to him anymore

(3:56 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:He’s backstabbing you?

(3:56 PM) Rina:No he’s not

(3:56 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Lawl.
He sends me so much shit about you.
Rina’s selfish

(3:57 PM) Rina:Oh yeah? like what? :P

(3:57 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Rina this

(3:57 PM) Rina:where’s the logs

(3:57 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:She’s dramatic
I don’t keep logs.
i’m not like you guys.
But seriously.
Be careful.

(3:57 PM) Rina:He apologized.
we’ve been friends since what.. Thursday? XD

(3:58 PM) Rina:so i’m sooooo hurt.. NOT. :P

(3:59 PM) ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I:Why would you be hurt?
You like drama.

(3:59 PM) Rina:Tom says:
*ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I’m squidtastic! sagt:
*Don’t EVER ever NEVER talk to me again.
Tom sagt:
*well what? You said you want Oliver to stop right?
*I want the same.
ѕqυιddιǝǝ  [♥] I’m squidtastic! sagt:
*Fuck off, you backstabbing whore.